Angel Nepal

About us

Angel Nepal is a tourist agency based in Nepal, Kathmandu. We’re not the oldest, but we’re definitely the most unique tourist agency in Kathmandu, where we’re located.

Reason why we say that we’re the most unique, is because we offer a very diverse selection of services to our clients. Angel Nepal team consists of 4 guys, and 3 gals. I’m Crystal and I’m the lead tour coordinator and I’m in charge of the office when everyone’s out guiding their tours.

We’re a pretty young team, with the oldest of us being 30. We’re all natives of Nepal, and we’re very familiar with the local scene here. All the places that are worth checking out when visiting Nepal are probably on our radar. However, knowing that, where and what to visit isn’t what sets us apart from all the other travel agencies here in Kathmandu.

What makes us different are the full package set of services that we offer. We’ve got everything that you might need for a successful visit to Nepal. From the basics like camping gear to use on your hikes, to tech gadgets like cameras, in case you forgot to bring your own, or you don’t have a decent camera.

Get in touch with us, and we’ll plan our your visit to Nepal according to your needs and as give you everything you might need to get you on your way.